This is first time I am writing a story here. This is story contains real incidents. The main character in this story is my cousins wife Merin(not real name) Me and cousin brother james(not real)has 13 year age difference. He was running a restaurant in our town and he had real estate business too. I was in 7th standard when he got married to merin. My cousin brothers house only 15 meter away from my house. I usually visit my cousin's house especially during breakfast time. His parents are like my parents. When I feel bored with my moms food I go to cousins house to have breakfast from there. Even after cousin's marriage we were doing that, Merin was 21 year old that time. We become really good friends easily,cause there was no any ladies to make friendship with her other than her mother in law. ThenI start to go there night time too after I finish my studies and I come back to my house when my cousin come back after work. We just talk about some random things, sometimes about things happened inher college or her family. I usually go through her college books and autographs. Sometimes she show me the new dresses she bought. One time when she opened one of her suitcase I saw a cup bra and I start to laugh, she start to laugh with me when she findout the reason. The relationship between us was so innocent.
Merin got pregnant from my cousin, and still I go there everynight and after spending sometime with her I come back to my house. One day she went to her house, cause her delivery was after 3 months. I missed her alot at that time, cause she was the only friend I had. After 3 months She gave birth to a baby girl and then she came back to cousins house after a month. I start to go there again and play with the baby every night. One night I finished my studies early and went to cousins house to see merin and baby. It was really dark outside. I had a habit of scaring Merin by standing outside window of her room. So I walked to her window slowly without making sound and I peeped through the window before scaring her to make sure that she is there, I stunned by seeing the view inside. Merin was changing her dress, she had removed her salwar already. She was trying to remove her kamees through her head. She was wearing a light blue panty and black bra inside. Her boobs were trying to come out of her bra. She was really fair, her boobs looks so fair in black bra and her belly was really good shape even after delivery. It was really smooth too and that belly button was so deep too, the panty she was wearing is really small, it was that small it almost cover her secret part. It was a new type of panty and her thighs were really smooth and shapely, I found something is happening in me. This was my first time I saw a girl like this and dick was getting hard and I took it out , there was precum on it, I start to massage my dick looking at her, she turned around to take her nighty.. Ohh my that bum, that blue panty was not enough to cover that. I really want to press that bum globes, she wore that nighty through her head and I start to shake my dick hard it was a light pink nighty I still can see shadow of her bra and panty through that nighty and I ejaculated lot of cum. That was my first masturbation 

I moved from the window, cause I was breathing heavily. I put my dick back and made my dress properly. Then I went to their door and rang the bell, Merin knows that it was me , cause I usually come to their house at that time. She looked at me and asked why you are sweating alot, I noticed myself and yea I was sweating. I found an excuse and said "yea, I ran from my house to here, cause sone street dogs were barking there outside" she laughed and said " haha u scared " and she walked to her room and I followed her. I was looking at her bum while she was walking, i could see her panty line through her nighty. Her bum was swaying when she walks. My dick still started to get hard. I adjusted my pant. Her baby was there on bed, and she was folding her baby's new dresses. There was a suitcase on her bed and she was arranging baby's clothes in that suitcase. I was watching her closely. She had tied her hair to back. Her face was looking so sexy like that her lips were so beautiful, anyone like to kiss that. Her nighty was not proper so I could see her left bra strap outside. And small portion of cleavage was visible too. I tried to hide my hardness from her and looked at her cleavage like 10 minutes while she was busy with her work. After that she put her suitcase under her bed when she bent I could see more cleavage. She was telling me that she was arranging baby's clothes from last hour and she looked at me and said why you are sweating still, you got fever or what and she touched my forehead with her hand and said yea it is hot, u shld take some medicine. I said ok. That night I was thinking each part of her body closely and before I go to bed I masturbated again thinking about her 

That night I got really good sleep. It was Saturday night, so I dnt need to wake up early. I woke up by hearing my moms voice , she was calling me from kitchen, she said Merin called u and told u to call back. I had no cellphone that time, cause I was in tenth standard that time, so I called her from home phone. She asked me to go to footwear in town, cause her husband had bought a shoe for her yesterday and it's not her size and he forgot to take it with him when he left to his restaurant, and her in-laws are out of town, so she want me to go and exchange the show from town. I said I just woke up now, I didnt evn brush my teeth. I will be there after half an hour, she said she is going to take shower right now. Evn she will be done by that time. I said ok sounds good.
I was so happy after yesterday incident and today morning I am going to see her again. That was so exciting for me. I brushed my teeth so fast and took a quick shower and wore a jean and T-shirt and then I left to my cousin's house. I was thinking what she will be doing right now. She might be changing her dress after bath.I got an idea, I went near to same window without making sound and peeped inside, baby Was sleeping there and I couldnt find merin there. I was trying to look at the attached bathroom, it seems like she is not there too, cause there was no noise coming from that bathroom, I thought she might be using top floor washroom cause it has water heater. I cursed my bad luck and went to the front door of the house and tried to open it, it was closed. So I walked to the kitchen, sometimes they dont lock kitchen door, I walked to backside and I was right, she didnt lock kitchen door, may be she forgot to lock it and it was secure too in our area, we dont need to afraid of thiefs cause we never had that kind of problem there, I walked inside.